How to Increase Staff Productivity

If you’re interested in boosting company profits in 2014, this can start with your staff. It’s not difficult to increase staff productivity, as long as you are committed to making sure that your workforce are as happy and challenged as possible. Whether you’re able to make a significant financial investment or not, it’s possible to increase the efficiency of your employees in a myriad of ways. Read on for some simple steps to success.

Provide Flexible Options for Work

For many employees, the typical nine to five working day is stressful and inconvenient. This may be because staff have children to collect from school or daycare, or ageing parents that they are responsible for. It shouldn’t matter where or when work gets done, as long as it is accomplished. With Skype, mobile phones and documents that can be accessed online from any location, employees really don’t need to be present in the office for all of their working hours. Allowing staff to work remotely has been proven to actually increase productivity, as employees can work from the comfort of their homes and be present for familial commitments at the same time. This is also a great strategy for reducing employee stress, as they no longer need to worry about personal commitments impacting negatively on their professional lives.

Encourage Breaks

The average person can only concentrate effectively for around 40-45 minutes at a time, which means that regular breaks should be built in to boost productivity. A break can be as short as a couple of minutes, and involve something like drinking a cup of tea or going for a walk around the building. As long as employees get out of their chairs and do something different for a short period of time, they can return to their tasks refreshed. Things like celebrating birthdays, going out for team lunches and organising fun activities outside of work can really boost team spirit and the morale of your employees. It also lets staff know that the company cares about them and wants them to be happy.

Good Leadership Skills

If you’re a business owner or a team leader, you’ll understand the importance of demonstrating effective leadership. You are setting an example for all other employees, and if you seem distracted, stressed or disorganised, this will have an effect on the behaviour and attitudes of colleagues. Don’t forget to praise and encourage those working beneath you, to show your appreciation for a job well done.

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