Three Most Popular Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

Getting into a slip and fall accident can lead to significant setbacks including permanent injuries like fracturing your bones and loss of earnings. In some cases, death might even catch up with the victims, affecting more than one person physically and psychologically.

Professional slip and fall accident lawyer takes their time to advice not only their clients but also the general public on major causes of slip and fall accidents. Some of which are caused not by the doing of the victims like many of the people presume, but by the negligence of action of somebody else.

If you get a severe injury from a slip and fall accident due to improper maintenance of a floor or wet floor, then it would be essential for you to talk to a slip and fall attorney in Los Angeles. He/she could understand your legal rights and would guide you through all the procedure of the law to help you land on the benefits that would satisfy you.

Listed down below are some of the favorite ways that cause a slip and fall accident, which will give you an idea of what to do once you spot who caused the accident.

Uneven staircases

Walking in a room with unequal stairs can result in severe injuries. You could fracture your spine, damage your shoulder, knee or your hip or get several head concussion when rolling down the stairs that might even lead you to a comma.

If you face severe conditions like a comma, you might incur a lot of medical expenses that put you, your family and relatives to debt. The right person you need to keep close is a knowledgeable attorney, he/ she can help you recover millions for the injuries and losses you have experienced and even sue the owner of the property with uneven staircases.

Weather condition

Within the law, a tenant has a right to live in a comfortable house, so it is the responsibility of property owners to keep their home free from hazards like rain, ice and sand storms.

As a tenant, if you get an injury from a slip and fall accident due to the negligence of the property owner, then you have to file a case to demand your legal rights.

However, it is understandable that filling a slip and fall compensation claim can be scary at times, but what you have to know is that it works in your best interest. Your property owner is not legally allowed to chase you away from the house or retaliate just because you are filing a claim against him or her.

And if they do so, immediately seek help from a slip and fall attorney, you are most likely having a wrongful termination case that needs to be reported to the court.

Inadequate lighting

Getting a slip and fall accident due to insufficient lighting in staircases, alleys, and faulty street lights can lead to severe injuries. In acute cases, people who are likely affected are dwellers in particular areas and pedestrians who crossroads that are having the faulty floodlights. Car accidents may happen along, putting your life in critical condition.

But having an attorney by your side, you are entitled to compensation that fully accounts for all of your damages.

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