Top 5 Teamwork Success Tips for Startups

As a startup, your ground is already shaky to begin with. Not only are you working with an extremely bootstrap budget – you are probably also working with employees that aren’t getting paid their dues just yet. But there in lies the problem: how can you find success in your new business without a well oiled team? When it comes to startup success, your team’s collaborative efforts really will be the catalyst that takes your business to the next level – a more profitable level where you aren’t constantly worried about covering your over head or paying your employees. So the question then becomes: how do you instill the confidence in your team that your business will get to this level? Here are the top five teamwork success tips for startups.

  1. Create an atmosphere of trust.
  2. Make good on your promises. Back to trust, if you keep breaking promises to your employees, there is a good chance that they will lose confidence in you and the business. So, you don’t want to keep making lofty promises that never come to fruition. When you make promises, you want to make good on them, so only make promises that you can keep – it is as simple as that.
  3. Stimulate your employees’ strengths. Your team is multifaceted – mainly because the individual members have vastly different personalities and strengths. So, if you want to increase teamwork success, you want to make sure that you encourage individualism for the sake of motivation. The more motivated a team member feels, the more efficient and productive the hive will be. When it comes to stimulating individual strengths, there are many tools you can use. For instance,TeamTelligent¬†is a tablet and smartphone device that measures and analyzes team member emotional intelligence and determines their specific talents.
  4. Alleviate conflicts. Inner conflicts among team members can only be a hindrance to success. So, anytime conflict arises, you want to make sure that you take remediation efforts to quell it. However, it is also important to look at conflicts as an opportunity for your team members to learn from each other and from the conflict. The more tools your team members have to resolve conflicts, the stronger your team will be.
  5. Bring your team members in on the hiring process. If you want continued success for your startup, you may want to think of making the hiring process an inclusive and democratic process. When trying to build the most talented core team, your other employees may have incredibly wise words of wisdom when it comes to hiring someone new.

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