3 Ways The Internet of Things Has Impacted the Home Security

The internet of things changes the way people carry out their daily tasks. By 2020, we can expect the world to have about 24 billion IoTdevices. Now, the Internet of Things contributes to improve homes, making home automation possible and boosting home security as well. Below are 3 ways the Internet of Things impacts home security.


  • Using mobile phones canhelp you manipulate devices in the house.

With just a touch of your fingers, you can do anything that you want in your house. You can control everything including your thermostats, light bulbs, and even your motion detectors. The IoT allows you to connect devices to your mobile phone so that you would get notifications in case an intruder gains an access to your house. You can also change your house’s temperature however you want. You can also use it to check on your children and your pets. Hence, it would be beneficial for you to learn more about Alder security today.


  • Cheaper surveillance is made possible.

Gone are the days when you need to hire security personnel just so you can have someone who can keep watch of your house 24/7. The Internet of Things has made surveillance much cheaper. Having security personnel serve you costs $15-$25/hour on an average. If armed, it would cost you $3-$5/hour. Now, you can simply install security cameras in your house and connect them with your smartphone, and you would receive notifications of the changes that have been made in your home. You can also have full control over the alarm that you have at home. The technology that the Internet of Things has brought will allow you to see who are inside your house. You can even use your smartphone to sound the alarm when needed. It also keeps your costs low.


  • The Internet of Thingscan unify all devices in your home.

The security devices that you have at home would be more powerful when they are working on the same page. Just imagine your alarm alerting your home’s lighting to turn on or send reports to the authorities whenever a threat or a break-in is detected, leaving you with complete peace of mind. With unified and connected devices, you can receive notifications in real time, allowing you to act accordingly without wasting any time. You can even get a video notification to know who has arrived at your doorstep even when you are not physically at home. It allows you to know whatever is going in your home even when you are away.


Final Thoughts

Burglary is a serious threat as it can lead to damage and loss of assets in your property and most of the time, it happens when the dwellers are away. In fact, according to statistics, in 31.4% of break-ins, cash is mostly stolen.It can also take one’s life. Hence, improving the security in your home is essential, and the Internet of Things plays a crucial role in it.


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