5 Advantages of Using Long-Tail Key-Words

The use of Keywords is one of them. That said, however, there is considerable debate about whether it’s the long or the short-tail keywords that tip the traffic in favor of a particular website.

Short-tail keywords are the ones that consist of three or less than three words per keyword. The long-tail ones obviously exceed that limit and are not as broad ranged as the short-tailed ones.

Here’s why Long-Tail keywords win the debate, hands down.

1.    Reduced Cost Per Click

As compared to short-tail keywords, the long-tail keywords cost significantly less than their counterparts because they aren’t as common and popular. Google Adwords offers websites a keyword incentive in that they have reduced prices for targeted searches containing a greater number of terms. This is especially beneficial for start-up businesses that require economic marketing strategies that are still effective in generating traffic towards their website.

2.    ROI on Content

Using long-tail keywords in their original content throughout the website, the business owners are generating business particularly from their targeted niche market. The conversion rate is considerably higher because their audience is seeking the specific things as targeted through the long-keywords. By using long-tail keywords, the website is remaining relevant to the specific consumer base, and thus is far more likely to reduce bounce rates and result in sales from generated traffic.

3.    Average Rank Position

The ads that make use of long-tail keywords have a greater possibility of appearing in top rank positions in search engines. They are more specific and targeted than the generic short-tail keywords hence allowing the adverts to be better tailored to match the needs of the consumer base. This means, that for lower costs, long-tail keywords attain higher ad rank positions resulting in increased traffic to the website.

4.    Search Volume

The long-tail keywords have considerable search volume in search engines and thus result in significantly higher impressions than the short-tail keywords do. Here the true power of the digital marketing strategy lies in their strength in numbers.  Developing a marketing campaign that uses hundreds of long-tail keywords can result is a very substantial amount of additional traffic to any particular website that has the foresight to do so leading to greatly increase profits.

5.    Low Competition, High Focus

Because of their specificity, there’s very low competition in long-tail keywords during searches. This means that the extreme time wastage through the irrelevant researches via generic short-tail keywords is completely eliminated. Moreover, the focus that you do receive from the search engines, will be exceptionally high focus in nature resulting in the same niche audience that you are reaching out to, reaching out to you through those keywords. Cases in point are these long-tail organic traffic case studies.

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