A Look at the Most Essential Advantages a Lock Up and Unlock Service can Provide for Your Business

It’s tempting to think of a Lock Up and Unlock Service as a service that simply does what the name suggests: lock and unlock some doors. But there’s a lot more to it than that, and what such a service does has far-reaching consequences for your safety, the safety of your employees, your visitors, and your business. As a matter of fact, it can have far-reaching consequences down the road when it comes to profit and loss statements. Ever wonder why such a service is so important in the modern business atmosphere? Here’s a look at the most essential advantages a Lock Up and Unlock Service can provide for your business.

What they do

Yes, they lock and unlock the doors at a pre-set schedule. But that’s really just the beginning. The guardians of the premises also make sure all security measures are in place (double-checking windows and doors, lights, faucets, security alarms), as well as keeping items of high security – such as keys, cards, IDs, and so forth, safe and unattainable. Before opening up at the set time, they inspect the premises for any breaches or suspicious activity, and report on any findings.

Why they do it

Most burglaries happen at night, and (sad to say) are often perpetrated by people who either have a close connection to the business, or have visited the premises at several points in time. No staff should be placed in doubt unnecessarily, however, so hiring a third party to secure the premises is often the best way to avoid any misunderstandings and to prevent crime.

It’s a safeguard

It’s a safeguard because you know the security of the building is entrusted to a professional team such as Oxford security experts Securipol; it’s done to professional standards, with only a few people responsible. It’s also a safeguard because everything is documented and reported on so any weak spots or mistakes (or suspicious signs) can be acted on immediately.

It’s a serious deterrent

Your staff will feel much better knowing that security is taken professionally, and any outsider will think twice about scheming maliciously. The service is an immediate deterrent.

For the practical business owner, however, it’s about much more than safety – safety is important, of course, but the smart business owner realises it’s positive all-round because there are many other benefits to be gained. Not only is the owner or manager of the business sure their business and staff are safe, they also enjoy an increased staff and employee morale, a much better business atmosphere and business schedule, and the reduction of stress of everyone concerned. The practical owner or manager understands that there are no more headaches, and that they can focus on what’s really important: growing the business.

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