A Vinyl Decal Must Fit Your Pixel

Though it hasn’t been on the market for long, the Pixel is already making waves in the tech world. Most critics are impressed by its entirely Google-run interface and top of the line specs. In fact, it’s already topping out on many of the best smartphone lists of the year, beating out other mobile heavyweights like the Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 7 Plus. Google no longer wants to be known as the affordable yet capable manufacturer of Nexus phones. They’ve aimed for a high-end smartphone company with their latest creation. Such an elite phone doesn’t deserve an ill-fitting, ugly decal any more than it deserves to be left off this year’s best of lists, so when you’re out searching for a customized skin remember: fit is important.

Fit is also exclusive. With the Internet at your fingertips (or Google Assist only a word away), you can find a variety of amazing decals with beautiful designs. The number of skins that are also tailor-made with the Pixel or Pixel XL in mind, however, is severely limited. Only those that have detail orientated designers creating decals can offer both style and fit in equal measure. Designers like the individuals who make up dbrand cut their blueprints within a micro-millimeter of the phone itself. Such a precise process ensures the entire phone (save for the touchscreen) is covered without any awkward pieces overhanging. Google Pixel skins from dbrand are made to measure to provide the closest coverage possible.

But why is fit such a significant feature of a Pixel skin? Without it, the droid is left unprotected. Too large and overhanging pieces can get caught on things or peel off entirely. Too small and integral parts of the phone aren’t covered, disrupting the decal’s design and opening the Pixel up to wear and tear. Its aluminum backing can pick up every scuff, scratch, and scrape that your phone endures, highlighting these imperfections for all to see. A well-made skin will provide absolute coverage, ensuring your new Pixel stays scuff and dent free.

The physical properties of vinyl decals also make them grime resistant, waterproof, and easier to hold. When fitted to the exact specifications of the Pixel, its texturized surface will provide grip in all the right places. With more traction against your fingerprints and smooth surfaces, the droid will stay where you want it to, all but eliminating the chances of dropping it and cracking its screen.

Once you can tick fit off your list, then you can settle into designing a decal that matches your personality. Take the time to see if the Pixel looks better wrapped up in chic bamboo or ascetic concrete, red carbon fiber or true orange. It’s up to you and whatever matches the popular Pixel’s high-end specs.

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