Apple Introduces A Health Data Strategy

Apple is secretively working on converting your iPhone into a sophisticated one-stop shop that would include all your medical information. Just think about picking up your iPhone to get all your medical and health information. This will include your laboratory test results, every single doctor’s visit, prescriptions, and all your other health information. All of this could soon just be found in a snapshot on your iPhone, and could easily be shared with your doctor with your permission.

You won’t any longer need to login into the websites of hospitals or require to call doctors about your previous consultations.  They won’t ever have to forward you the information that you are looking for when you are being taken care of by another doctor. Apple is currently working hard to make this situation become a reality in the near future.

Apple looks set to expand its already growing healthcare business by making your iPhone operate like a central data hub, and this will include the management of your digital health records. It is rumoured that Apple has been negotiating with several health industry groups that are known for setting the required standards when it comes to sharing and storage of E-medical records. This would in a way give you more control over your private medical files. This is set to become an extension of Apple’s already thriving health industry strategy such as HealthKit, CareKit, and Research Kit. These are interesting platforms that give developers the opportunity to create apps that help researchers, patients, and hospitals find innovative ways to collect, store and efficiently deliver health data in no time.

Last year, Apple bought Gliimpse, a start-up for medical records that can assist with the collection of data from various platforms and the organisation of the collected information for patients. Before Apple was focusing more on fitness information, however in the last years, it is moving its attention more into healthcare delivery. For example, Apple has lately begun its effort into developing sensors that could assist the management of blood glucose levels for diabetic patients.

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Apple will most probably face a lot of challenge to implement its health data strategy to the global market, as it would be difficult to synchronise different privacy and regulatory issues across just a single platform. Transparency and a high level of security would certainly be required to protect sensitive personal health information. Patients and hospitals alike should feel comfortable to give permission for such kind of information to be managed by a third party. Soon the iPhone could well be promoted as a tool for doctors and patients and be a game changer for the marketing of Apple products.


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