Do You Have What it Takes to Become a CEO?

Becoming a CEO is an attractive prospect to many, the idea of making important designs each day, being paid a huge salary and generally holding a powerful person is something that inspires many. Looking around the World you see many important CEOs like Mark Zuckerburg, Evan Spiegel all becoming incredibly successful and shaping the World in which we live in. Amongst these successful CEOs there are those who are doing amazing things in the World, Google’s CEOs are working tirelessly to help save the planet and other successful CEOs like Joe Johnson Mercy Foundation’s chairman and founder are using their power for good as they seek to help people out of poverty. Being a successful CEO is more than about being the head of a business or corporation and in order to achieve such stature you must have what it takes. Not sure if you do have what it takes? Here is are the skills and characteristics you will need in order to succeed.


Not every CEO has degrees and honors after their name, many who climbed the ladder in the 80’s and 90’s are self made success stories and even some more recent CEOs who have carried out successful careers don’t have MBAs and Ph.Ds, these are exceptions and if you want to give yourself the best opportunity to succeed in rising the top of an industry then you need to ensure that you achieve the best education that you possibly can.


It is simple, without being committed to your career then you are bound to fail, you must be the single most dedicated person in your business, your focus must be unwavering and you must be prepared to do whatever it takes in order to succeed. This is the core element of any characteristic required of a CEO and if you don’t have it then you better find it soon if you want success.


The phrase was coined in the sports world and refers to your ability to come back after you have been knocked down. The world of business is tough and as such you must be just as tough, making mistakes is strangely part of success, mistakes build character and enrich your experience, providing you have the wherewithal to come back from mistakes and learn from them.


A key element of successful CEOs is confidence in all aspects of their lives, you must have the confidence to take risks, the confidence to be a leader, the confidence to reach for the stars and the confidence to make tough decisions. Not everyone is born with such confidence and if you don’t have it then you should work hard on improving it.

Self Analysis

If you wish to climb the ranks to a role as CEO then it is vital that you constantly self analyze to ensure that you are the best that you can be. Everyone has their weaknesses and it is up to you to work out what they are and ensure that you fix them before they become a problem. Even CEOs with 30 years experience need to assess whether they are doing the best job that they can and to improve personally and professionally you must always seek to change and improve.

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