Do You Want to Protect Your Business Infrastructure from Being Used in a DDoS Attack? This Article Has Information Which Can Help!

Let’s face it, every business owner wants to protect their I.T infrastructure against malware. The challenge, however, it keeps up to date with all of the different types of threats which are being discovered each day. The primary one is what is called a DDoS attack. If you follow tech news then you have likely seen that instances of such attacks are on the rise.


Below is some great information to help you understand how it works and how you can prevent being caught up in it.


How Do You View a Website?

Imagine that one of your employees is on a break and they are taking advantage of a great Expedia coupon from Groupon Coupons. As soon as the employee attempts to visit the site, the host computer leaps into action and allocates power and resources to serving up the website for your employee. All of this happens seamlessly. However, like all computers, the ones hosting websites have their limits.


Once the limit is reached for a hosting computer, the website is no longer accessible and often times the company is unable to do business. A perfect example would be a local news website which is broadcasting a breaking story but has a server which is unable to keep up with the requests, leaving you with a page telling you that you can’t access the story.


How Does a DDoS Attack Work?

A Distributed Denial of Service attack works by a hacker commanding a large number of controlled computer to simulate a mass-visit to a website they hold a grievance against.


An example would be a group of hackers who have taken a grievance against the way a certain company is conducting their business. Through control of millions of computers around the world, they can command each device to access the company’s website until the hosting service can no longer handle the work and the website becomes unavailable, potentially rending the company unable to do its business.


How Does Your Infrastructure Come into It?

Think back to the employee who was online shopping and there’s a good chance that they, along with each of their colleagues, received an email from a sender they weren’t sure of requesting them to either install a piece of software or to visit a link to a website.


If any of your employees clicked the link or installed the attachment then your network will have become infected by such software, It’s a simple as that and all it takes. Once one of your computers has been infected then the virus can make its way through your network, essentially giving access (albeit limited) to hackers to take control of your business computer network.


How Can You Prevent It?

The best way to prevent this from happening to your business is to send this article to each of your employees so that they become aware of just how easy it is for one of their computers to become infected or for them to be tricked into installing software or clicking a link which was malicious.



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