Easy Tips for Brands on Instagram

Instagram, love or hate there is no middle ground. The marks are required to develop a good strategy that allows them to connect with the vast number of users who increasingly abandon more social networks for network camera. But is this how?

We talk a lot of Instagram , all thought is a simple social network, without much fuss, which makes it so interesting. Getting started is very easy, publishing is simple. However, when we talk about results, things change. When we work with brands on Instagram strategies, get followers, get notoriety, it is not as simple as it may seem a priori. You can read the reviews on how to get a good Instagram marketing service.

It is true that one of the main problems of this quest for gold in Instagram is the great lack of measurement tools that will allow faster / effective analysis of the contents. By the way, I’m assuming that the photos, the main and only asset of your profile, are good, interesting, and attractive (and this is too much for granted).

Use hashtags

We’ve said by active and passive, is not using 300 hashtags, hashtags chosen intelligently uses 2-3. Be sure to use them, if you want to get your brand visibility, the first way is this. He thinks that the vast majority of people use search photos with the hashtag, especially those who are not trodden (see #love #fun #tbt etc.).

Be consistent

When we talk about building communities, consistency is key. Try to post daily or at least once a week. 57% of the top brands in Instagram posted at least once a week.

Frequency against volume

Beware the frequency of publication. Go by measuring the changes in the profile when photo raisins post 1 week 2, when you go from post 1 day to 2, etc. Keep eye on this, posting too much you should not bother your follower too much.

And key in the frequency not to publish at the same time. If you have to post multiple photos in one day, especially to spend at least 3 hours between a picture and another. Still, it is not advisable to go crazy by many followers we have, we must analyze ratios to assess engagement as we are doing and if we’re going, but seem that everything works.

Faces better than landscapes

Users are people, and like people, they want to connect with people. That said, the more personal the profile, you get more engagement.

Smart content

It is clear that here everyone write what we want. However, when it comes to a brand with a defined strategy, we have to work the right content, at the right time, in the right format. This means, for example, put a picture of a beach bar and a beer in the middle of August. Logic, Common sense your fans are on vacation, this is no time for Einstein phrases (or if).

Contests / Gifts

Competitions are the best way to quickly activate a community or make it grow. They work very well, while make sense for the brand, you will grow very quickly. Needless to say, to be creative in all this, let us return to contests “photo with more likes”.

If you give, you receive

One of the most effective tactics in Instagram for getting more Likes is, knowing that users are not connecting with you lately (try to monitor this type of information in a dashboard), give them some like their photos to react. You look at percentages of recovery, you will be surprised: How many inactive followers I have given you like? How many of these have returned to our profile to give someone like photo?

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