Great Job Opportunities That You Can Find In Finance

Finance used to be considered an industry that was exclusively for wide-boy traders and stuffy businessmen who went to Princeton, those days have long gone and the World of finance is open to anyone who has a knack for numbers, a calm approach and the drive to constantly improve.

It always seems to make far more sense that when electing a career, that you opt for one which plays to your strengths and can help you to get paid for doing what you are best at. If you are someone with strong levels of numeracy and a deep understanding for how the financial world operates, then a job in this sector is perfect for you. Let’s take a look at some of the options you have in front of you.

Financial Advisor

There are many companies and individuals around the World who want to grow their wealth, but don’t know how. In order to make their wealth go further, these people enlist the help of financial advisors to help them make more money and spend less of it. Patrick Dwyer financial advisor for many who works for Merrill Lynch is a perfect example of the success which you can find within this career, a high salary job which will see you offering advice to clients worth millions. You will not only need to be knowledgeable to do this job but also be able to get it right, far more often than getting it wrong.

Tax Accountant

Often seen as the devils of the financial world, tax accountants are the vital parts of the company wheel which ensure that a business or individual is paying what they should by way of taxation, they will also help to make sure that they are not paying things that they don’t have to. To become a tax accountant you will need to have great numeracy skills and work hard to pass your taxation exams. The world of tax is intricate and complex and you will need to know the laws around tax, inside and out to best serve your clients. Everyone has to pay taxes each year and very few people truly understand what tax they should be paying, for this reason, there will always be jobs out there for tax accountants.


In what is considered the front line of finance, traders are the ones who invest people’s money for them looking to turn a profit. This will be a fast paced industry where you will need to ensure that you have an extremely high success rate. Traders aren’t paid particularly well but they can make fantastic amounts of cash by way of commissions. This is a high pressure job and in order to do it you will need to have outstanding knowledge of global markets and be able to see which way it is going to move. Nobody can truly predict the future of the finance market but you will be expected to at least have a sense for which way it could go.

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