Have You Considered Taking Business Courses Online?

The industry of music is a strange one. It is very much an art, and there aren’t supposed to be any rules in art. This is why, when you enter the office of a music industry CEO, you are unlike to see a Harvard signet ring or a Yale diploma on the wall. In fact, the vast majority of managers have little or no formal education. However, this is changing and there is now an expectation that managers have managerial experience. Hence, if you want to get your foot in the door of this industry, you have to learn about a music business degree at MI. This will set you apart from the competition, which is fierce. Existing managers are retiring and looking for a replacement, and they want people who are not just experienced, but educated as well. Experience is something you can only gain by working practically, for instance through an internship. But the theoretical elements can also be learned online.

Consider Studying Online

There are few, if any, music business degrees that are offered 100% online. One of the reasons for that is the need for the completion of an internship, but also because music business managers have to have a heightened understanding of other practical elements of the industry. This includes studio management, for instance. Unfortunately, most people have one chance and one chance only to go to college or university. To play it safe, therefore, they tend to choose a degree program that can take them in a lot of different directions. For example, they would choose to complete a business degree, rather than a specialized music business degree.

This is where online learning comes in, however. There are now courses known as MOOCs (massive open online courses), which are available for free. If you are approaching the time to enroll in college, you could consider completing some of those MOOCs in a field that you are interested in, like music, so that you know whether or not the field of study is right for you. That way, you avoid the very real possibility of enrolling in the wrong school or program.

Some of the MOOCs you could consider include management, economics, traditional business, studio recordings, talent scouting, managing a live music venue, music trends, music marketing, and more. Some of these programs can even deliver certificates of completion and some schools will accept them as credits towards your degree.

If at all possible, you should consider taking a gap year so that you can try as many MOOC courses as possible, thereby aligning your eventual degree specifically to what you know you will enjoy. Unfortunately, few of us have that opportunity, which means that you will have to make a decision a bit quicker than you would have liked. However, if you do your research, properly investigating the schools you like and their curriculum, and completing some of their online courses if they are available, is a great way to make sure you make the right choice.

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