How to Get Started in Photography

If you are looking for a new hobby for 2017 then why not consider photography. The beauty of photography as a hobby is that you can get started for little money and such is the advancements of technology, you can be taking professional-style shots in no time. Once you start snapping you will begin to look at the World in a whole different way and no longer will you just be taking shots for the sake of prosperity, you will also be taking them for their artistic value. You can even make some money from your new hobby, lots of people like Radha Singh NJ photographer have taken to blogs and social media to promote their work and who knows, you could even get picked up by a publication. If you want to get started then here are some top tips for you.


Finding a Camera


The best choice of camera to opt for is a DSLR-style camera, these are the easiest to operate and will provide you with the type of quality that you are looking for. These cameras are also the cheaper variety which is perfect if you are just starting out, there is a possibility that you are not going to love photography as a hobby and the last thing you want is the pressure to continue because you’ve shelled out for a pricey mirrorless camera.


Buy a Tripod


If you are just starting out then you are likely to have an unsteady hand and wonky photographs do not a great photographer make. Buying a tripod will enable you to take perfectly still and straight shots, you can also feature in them yourself if you set the timer. There are tripods that are on the market at the moment which are super flexible and very transportable so you will not need to be lugging some huge piece of equipment around with you.


Head Out and About


You may have a stunning view from your window or a beautiful daughter that you want to snap but it is important that you get creative and test your skills with a variety of landscapes and action. On your day off, head out into the great outdoors, look to snap an animal in its habitat, try to get the perfect shade for the changing colors of the leaves or get a great shot of someone riding their bike through the fields. Test your photo taking ability, it is the only way that you can improve it.




There is absolutely no shame in investing your time watching video tutorials online, in fact it should be recommended and you can really learn some great tips and tricks of the trade. YouTube is full of a wide range of videos with people teaching all levels of photography from beginner to expert and covering all types of photography from landscape, people, sport and action. Head online and get your pen and paper out for notes, then head out and try your new knowledge.

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