How Using Your Smartphone Can Help Your Finances

We all know we can use our latest iPhone to play Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, but our smartphones have a more sophisticated use that can have a profound impact on our finances.


Whether you use a new Pixel XL or an old iPhone generation, your smartphone has revolutionized the way you live your life. It’s replaced your in-house entertainment system as you check in on your favourite podcast or Netflix original while on the go. Your mobile device has eliminated the need for a wall calendar, agenda, and alarm clock as it wakes you up and reminds you of important meetings during your day. With a swipe of your thumb you can contact friends and family all over the world, keeping in touch with the people who you hold dear. And now, you can use your Android or iOs device as a financial advisor.


It’s true when they say there’s an app for that. If you look hard enough, you can find something for anything you need. Luckily, you won’t have to look very far for apps that help you budget and monitor your money. You can take a look at popular lists of financial apps, or you can head to the Apple or Play Stores to compare user reviews on your own.

When it comes to sheer popularity, a financial app like Mint is turning heads. All it takes is a little setup at the beginning when you key in your financial information. Once it synchs with your various accounts and debts, it organizes your finances in one convenient place. It’s easy to navigate and comes with alerts that notify you of upcoming bills and other important withdrawals. You can also opt into its budgeting assistance that helps you build aplan to meet your financial goals.

You can help hit these targets by taking advantage of other apps designed to save you money at the store. Groupon and RetailMeNot are two popular applications that connect you with local deals and coupons at your favourite restaurants and stores. You can also find apps like Checkout 51 or SnapSpaces that offer cash back rebates for purchases you make on groceries and household items.


Beyond the apps you find at the Apple and Play Stores, your smartphone is a vast financial resource that connects you with the world’s top advisors and publications, as well as billions of people just like you who are searching for wallet-friendly tips. You can find advice from a surprising number of places. The Canadian government has a web portal designed to improve your financial literacy, and it offers reliable information about savings, debt reduction, taxes, and retirement planning. You can also keep up to date with local and global economic news by checking financial sectionsof newspapers and dedicated money management blogs.

If you’ve ever used a payday loan, then you know these lenders publish budgeting tips tailored for people who use their products. The lenders at GoDay are included. When you visit, you can find a variety of financial resources that can help you make responsible decisions. With links to savings calculators, credit reporting agencies, and free webinars, you can leave their site feeling on top of your finances.

Last but not least, you can use your smartphone to pay all of your bills on time and avoid strict late fees. By opting into online banking and setting up automatic minimum payments, you can avoid unnecessary charges on forgotten bills.

Considering just how many ways your mobile can help you save money, it’s time you add financial advisor to the list of roles it plays in your life. So pause that episode of The Crown and exit out of Instagram. It’s time you take advantage of the apps that can turn your cell into an indispensable financial tool.

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