Impress Your Bosses with Your Corporate Event Management Skills

Being put in charge of organising a corporate event is an excellent opportunity to shine even brighter than you already do. Often event planners within the organisation are being tested to see if they’re ready for bigger roles of responsibility, so you should take the opportunity you’ve been given and run with it. However, it’s easy to find party planning stressful even if you don’t have to worry about impressing your employees and the company investors and shareholders, so you need to be prepared for the work ahead.

Five Top Corporate Party Planning Tips

Make the Boss Look Good

Your main job needs to be making the boss and the company look good. There are many ways you can achieve this, just ensure you keep this goal at the front of your mind while working through the planning and on the night of the event. Try and ensure everyone attending the event feels special and recognised, asking senior members of the team to meet and greet everyone, spending time chatting with all guests, will make a big difference.


Plan the Entertainment

Pick some form of entertainment for the event. Corporate entertainment will help to fill in any awkward silences and ensure everyone has a good time. There are all sorts of entertainment to consider, just ensure the band, DJ or artist is experienced at this sort of party to ensure they know how to interact with the audience and the type of guests that will be in attendance. Think creatively and consider some extra entertainment, ideally from within the company.

Don’t Cut Back on Service

Hire the right suppliers that will complement the company. You don’t want shoddy service to get in the way of a great event. Put more money into the great service and if you do need to make cuts, consider saving on the food budget or the decorations.

Gather Together a Party Planning Committee

Don’t take on too much; be prepared to delegate the responsibilities. You’ll be given the perfect opportunity to show off your management and people skills and it will take the pressure off your shoulders. Hand pick your team and ensure you pick the right ones with the characteristics that will benefit the entire event.

Stay Within Budget

The last thing you want is to go over the budget you’ve been given. Ensure you ask for quotes during the planning process and give accurate budgeting reports to your bosses. Work out the areas where you can reduce the costs but don’t scrimp on the corporate entertainment, the service or the venue as they play an important role in creating the right atmosphere for the evening.

This opportunity could be the start of an exciting new career development. With these five tips you can ensure the event goes well and reduce the stress placed on your own shoulders. If all goes well you could find many more doors are opened for you.

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