Impressing your examiners with excellent essays – Some tips and advices

When the subject that you study gets more and more complex and advanced, you have to think more, evaluate correctly and also share your opinions. Where you could once make calculations and learn simple definitions, you now need to be analytical. The further you progress with your studies, the baseless learning will be gradually replaced by the type of analysis which is best shown in essays. If you tend to avoid writing substantial things at high school, you’ll still have to face it again in the university.

The skills that you need to write a strong essay has to be mastered since childhood as the base of your English language is created since your early days. Although there are reputable websites like that can help you with tricks and strategies to write, yet you should know the tips from some experts. Check them out.

#1: Get as organized as possible

Before you start planning about writing an essay, you should first sit down and think how you can go about the process. What are the resources that you’ll need at first? Would you need the library books or the internet? The answer will affect how and where you decide to work. If you decide to find the web version of something that you’re planning to write, you might often not get it the way you want it. The more organized you are regarding what you study, the better you can pen down whatever you want to write.

#2: Gather valuable information

There are some teachers who set lists for essays or provide suggestions about where exactly should students search for getting detailed information. Even though your teacher may prescribe reading, it is always worth seeing whether or not you can add depth or show some other perspective of your argument. But make sure you know if a source is valuable and reliable.

#3: Planning your steps is very important

In writing a good essay, planning is one of the most important steps and at the same time it is also that step which is most often missed by majority of the students. Do your essays get criticised for not having a good structure? If answered yes, this is probably due to poor planning which leads to unclear lines of argument. Hence, you should keep reading and re-reading whatever notes you have so that you can gradually organize your thoughts.

#4: Start writing

The ultimate step of starting the process of writing can then get a bit too intimidating. You may not find something that fits into the first sentence. How should you start the first paragraph? In order to stop all these, you should read more so as to never fall short of vocabulary. Cut down any boring stuff and stick to writing in an interesting manner.

Henceforth, whenever you think of sitting for an exam or impressing your examiner by writing an excellent essay, make sure you follow the abovementioned essay writing tips and strategies.

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