Is 2017 the best Year to Learn Online Trading?

Online trading is easy, meaning you can train yourself on the best investment options and make a good amount without the intervention of a broker. So far, there are more than enough legitimate ways to invest online, making 2017 the best year to learn the basics of trading. In fact, one of the quickest and easiest ways to make money from the comfort of your home is online trading, which has exploded in popularity over the past decade. However, understand that online trading without proper training could make you lose money.


Increase your Level of Control


In 2017, every second of online trading will count, meaning that being late in making your buying or selling decision in a certain stock could end up costing you a large amount of money since online trading is a nearly instantaneous transaction. Using a broker to trade will also cost you money, especially when you waste time contacting them to inform them of what you plan to do. Working online on your own means being a master of your destiny where you will not need to call any broker to make trades for you. This is what will allow you to make sales at the exact second they should be made. For this reason, it is more reasonable to look for a mentor such as a friend, a professor, or anyone with a fundamental understanding of the online stock market. Understand that successful online traders have had mentors during their early days in the industry.


Time Restrictions


Using an online trading platform will give you access to a 24-hour open account every day, unlike is the case with traditional stock trading. As opposed to the previous decade where it was not possible to monitor an online portfolio, today you can log onto your broker’s website and view the fluctuations of your stocks and trade as you wish. Having the capacity to manage your portfolio from any location will mean that you will not have to worry about scheduling an appointment with a broker to make trades.


Financial Savings


The reason 2017 is the best year to learn online trading is that you will have the ability to save money than ever before. Today, online brokers have systems that charge investors based on the transactions made than would be the case if trades were made using different methods. There is also the potentiality of increased competition in the trading space, meaning lower commission charges could be registered to attract customers. It means that investors will draw in more money to their investments than the overhead fees. If you hire a broker to make the trades for you, they will end up with a certain percentage of the profits of the trades made as a commission. The more money made on your trades, the more the broker will get while making the trades on your own means getting all the profits. Although you will still pay for online trades, the costs will not be as high given that the prices of many brokerages today continue to drop due to the rise of more online access.




With online trading, you will have access to many options and get the chance to scan the market through platforms such as the CMC markets. You will also have financial screeners to research bonds/stocks and handy tools to model the returns earned. Whichever stock you prefer, you will have access to newsfeeds for a deeper understanding of the market. Conventional offline brokers are, many times, not available to offer you the knowledge you need.


Are you already considering embracing online trading in 2017? If so, understand that unless you are well-informed, it could be a risky endeavour to analyse the market and decide on the right time to trade and what would work best for you. Most brokerages today have tools that educate new traders and allow them to practice with virtual money before getting into the real deal. As with any other investment strategy, there are both risks and benefits involved, so why not try out online trading? Regardless of your level of investing- beginner or seasoned, online trading in 2017 will present an affordable solution for you.


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