New Ideas For SEO In Brisbane

Pontificating on new trends for SEO in Brisbane is a lot like making New Year’s Resolutions. Some of them will happen and some of them will not, but it is still interesting to see how things come out at the end of the year. Looking ahead at 2014, there are a number of likely trends coming for SEO in Brisbane, but there are two specific international trends that are closely related and will no doubt have as significant an impact on the local market as it will have everywhere else.


What is interesting about these two new innovations in the world of search engines is that they appear on the face of it to be somewhat antithetical to each other. The first new fashion for SEO in Brisbane is the announced intention of search engines to provide a more locally-based group of search results as opposed to the vast macro results that have generally been the case in the past. What this means in practice is that the results of a search undertaken from an identifiable Brisbane web address is going to yield results more carefully tailored to the local economy rather than calling up a list starting with the most popular site from an aggregate worldwide standpoint.


The other next new thing for SEO in Brisbane is a determination on the part of the main search engines to remove the advantage enjoyed by websites that have what is called an “exact match” to the chosen search criteria. For example, searching for the best espresso bar in Brisbane is not automatically going to call up (A Facebook business profile is actually the number 1 result for that term.) Taken together, these two new innovations are bound to radically change SEO in Brisbane and everywhere else.


The immediate effects of these changes are rather simple to imagine. First off, it is going to become much more difficult to engineer a high inherent worldwide search engine ranking due to the fragmentation promised by the localisation of search results. This, in turn, means that pay to play is going to become more necessary for many websites.


Shorn of their advantages in clever optimisation or well-chosen web addresses, the playing field is going to become much more competitive. Ultimately, this means that there is going to be more pressure to shortcut organic efforts to pump up the rankings for SEO in Brisbane in favor of buying one’s way to the top of the listings through sponsored content arrangements. Eventually, however, the suddenly leveled playing field is going to offer many exciting new opportunities for those who are first to recognise the possibilities of the new search engine regime.


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