Organizing a breast cancer charity event

Funds for breast cancer research and advanced treatments are built through the efforts and contributions of employers, community organizers and everyday citizens. It’s because of this research and advancing treatments that the numbers of women who have their lives shortened due to breast cancer has been reduced. This means that the 1 in 8 women who might develop breast cancer will celebrate more anniversaries with their family and friends.


Yet, organizing a breast cancer charity event must be done correctly. To build a rewarding breast cancer charity event, the right team members must be identified and sufficient planning must take place. She Knows reports that you also need to identify the specific type of event you want to organize. For example, you might organize a walkathon, a 6K road race, a flea market, an auction, a dance-a-thon, a talent contest or a breast cancer charity event.


After you identify the type of event you’re going to organize, determine the method of payment you and other volunteers will accept at the breast cancer charity event. By bringing tools like mobile cash registers (some mobile phones can use software that allows you to process debit and credit card payments while you’re on the road) and check processing software to charity events, you could raise more money. Accepting cash and digital payments are other ways to offer event participants more options to give.


If you’re struggling to find volunteers to help you market, advertise and set up for the breast cancer charity event, ask for help. As an example, if you’re organizing an event at work, you could ask human resources if you can send an email to your colleagues asking for volunteers to meet with you at a kickoff meeting. While organizing a community fundraising event, you could create flyers, asking for volunteers, and post the flyers near area businesses, grocery stores and apartment complexes to attract volunteers. Try to inform others about different donation methods as well. After all, most charities are accepting of much more than just money. People can make car, RV, or even boat donations to a number of causes that go toward breast cancer research. Those who are otherwise unable to support this cause financially may be able to make a significant donation if they have any extra vehicles or boats in their possession. Emphasizing this point is sure to get at least a few other patrons on board for this charitable cause.


Be sure to get approval from business owners and apartment managers first. Determine the location, date and time for the event. Give yourself several months to market and promote the breast cancer charity event. Steps you could take to get the word out about the event include scheduling and conducting local radio and television interviews, posting flyers, creating and distributing postcards and building a website and submitting the website to major search engines and directories.


Social media is another great tool to use to spread the word about your fundraiser. Rather than posting information about the event on one social media network, consider posting information about the event on three or more social networks. If you build a professional page at social media networks, people who visit the social media pages may develop an elevated perception about your organization and the actual event.


Work you perform could help create success stories. Consider sharing these success stories with supporters at the end of the event, especially if you plan on organizing similar fundraisers in the future. Over time, you might even reach the point where you raise more than $600,000 in a single month, similar to how the Breast Cancer Research Foundation ( did recently. Furthermore, in addition to posting success stories about the event, be sure to email event attendees and volunteers, thanking them for their support.


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