Recent WhatsApp Outage

More than a billion-people spread across over 180 countries use WhatsApp regularly. This is a surprisingly great way for you to keep in touch with friends and family. WhatsApp started as a basic chat application for mobile devices. However, over time it had countless updates and it has since become a clever app that lets you do more than just send text messages or pictures.


WhatApp allows you to chat to your phone contacts over Wi-fi or data connection. To add a contact on this app, you need the phone number of the person you wish to add. Actions that can be done on this app include sending pictures, chatting, share videos or recorded voice messages to your contacts. WhatsApp can be downloaded from various platforms such as iOS and Android. You just need to go to their respective stores to download and install the app for free.

Millions of WhatsApp users were affected lately when this messaging app got stuck and could only go to the connection page. The app service went down in UK and most part of Europe. There are reports that it also impacted the U.S. Facebook who now owns WhatsApp, has declined to comment why the outage happened. Coincidentally, it was the same day when they mentioned that they were performing better than Snapchat.

The mobile messaging platform was struck with a ‘connection’ message when their service went down for about two hours. After these two hours, an announcement was made by Facebook that the app was back up and working properly. However, there were no mention of what it was all about. As the app went down, it caused confusion and frustration for millions of its users. This app failure made many users go on social medias to vent out their frustration. Most of them were asking what was going one and posted various funny memes about the situation.

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One twitter, a user posted a picture of what life would be without WhatsApp and this picture is the of Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away. The movie is a Robinson Crusoe style one where a man survived on an island on his own for many years after a plane crash. Another user said that he nearly chucked his phone through the window thinking this phone was hanging. Some users got more dramatic and posted pictures of the movie Apocalypse, comparing the temporary failure of the mobile messaging platform to the end of the world. On a more serious note, a user mentioned that if you feel that technology has no great impact over our lives, we should just think of this outage to find the truth.


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