The Most Mind-Boggling Stories of Successful Marketing

The power of great marketing is something that no business can afford to ignore.

In the past we have seen an incredible mixture of marketing strategies used with high degrees of success. These range from cutting edge social media efforts to more traditional campaigns.

The Oscar Selfie from Ellen DeGeneres

Perhaps it was the subtlety of this effort that helped it to be such a big success. It was during the 2014 Oscars that Ellen took a fantastic selfie with the stars.

The fact that it was taken with a Samsung Galaxy was noted in the press but wasn’t really made into a big deal. The photo ended up being published all over the place and quickly became the most re-tweeted photo ever on Twitter.

Samsung simply let the photo’s popularity and reach grow organically. People wanted to share it with their friends and they did.

Nordy Stories of Great Customer Service

The US fashion retailer Nordstrom decided to start bringing together some of best examples of their employees’ customer service. They gave them the name Nordy stories and started to publish them.

These heart-warming little stories of employees going the extra mile for customers helped to make the brand appear friendlier and more approachable to the wider public. In some cases the story revolved around a nice little touch such as offering to gift wrap products from another store or giving a refund for a product that they don’t even sell.

This approach has also been credited with helping new Nordstrom employees to understand the level of customer service that they are expected to provide. With the help of some field marketing you can work out what it important to your customers.

A Skype Adventure

Travel blogger Mike Corey got dumped in Istanbul with nothing but Skype and Twitter to help him out. This led to a 15 day adventure over 5 countries that was dubbed as Skype Rerouted.

The creative idea behind this campaign was about taking a business out of its comfort zone and “interacting on a personal level” with its users. Skype was struggling before this campaign and it is credited with helping to get the brand back on track.

By changing how people view Skype the company managed to freshen up their image and appear more exciting and relevant.

ProShade and the Mount Rushmore Offer

If we go back to 2006 we can see the power of making an outrageous offer that you know won’t be accepted. ProShade is a visor and sunglasses company that offered to pay $4 million to sponsor Mount Rushmore.

The catch was that the famous rock heads would need to have the brand’s logo visor put on them. It was clearly a marketing gimmick but the story was interesting enough to generate a huge amount of free publicity for the shades company.

By coming up with something new and intriguing ProShade managed to get people interested in a product that they might not have otherwise known about. This could boost your reputation and your field sales at the same time.

John Lewis and Their Christmas Adverts

The great success stories of the last couple of Christmas advertising seasons have belonged to John Lewis. They blew away their rivals with a series of hugely memorable seasonal adverts that everyone wanted to see.

Their man on the moon and snowman going shopping videos quickly rattled up millions of views. Typically, their adverts will only show a few fairly inexpensive products from their massive range and will do it in a subtle way.

Building up people’s anticipation levels and grabbing their attention isn’t always about flashy campaigns and earth-shaking new ideas. Sponsors a Town

The ingenious 1999 marketing campaign by saw them pay $200,000 in order for a town to change its name. Halfway in Oregon became for a year as a result.

As well as the money, the town also got a bunch of free computers for the local school. The benefits for the discount website were also impressive, with their name getting mentioned frequently in the news.

D.C. Comics Kills Superman

If we go back to the early 1990s we can see an audacious marketing campaign from bosses at D.C Comics. They decided to bring out a comic entitled The Death of Superman, whose unexpected title got people interested in the brand once again.

The story was all over the media in the run up to the launch and it was quickly sold out the day it was released. The Death of Superman turned out to be an incredible success and led to a number of follow-ups.

This just goes to show that trying a different approach to your proven formula can sometimes work wonders.

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