The Roles Required in a Successful Innovation Team

The quotes and platitudes about “teams” are almost endless. One that seems to come back again and again is “there is no I in team”. Regardless of whether those types of statements are just sounding boards, the reality is that the team is what keeps an organization going. And while team members are always there to help each other out, each member does have a unique role that has been clearly defined. Installing idea management software means getting together a team of people to manage the process, and this means clearly defining the roles. Let’s take a look at the four key roles you need to make this process a success.

  1. The Idea Provider

The first role that is necessary in an innovation team is the person submitting ideas. This is, in other words, every single individual within your organization. Without their submitted ideas, there will be no innovation, and there will be no new projects. The Idea Provider is at the center of your team, as you will have no process without them being there.

  1. The Manager

Managers are also very important, as they play a coordinating role in implementing the new ideas. They are there to talk about the ideas that have been submitted, and who determine whether or not they can be turned into a reality. If you were to compare the Manager to a role within a football team, they would be the quarterback, as they will test different tactics and strategies to see which one will get the entire team ahead.

  1. The Installer

An Installer works hand in hand with a Manager and holds responsibility for turning ideas into reality. Managers are creative in terms of what they can offer, whereas the Installer is a realist, determining whether there is any feasibility in the idea at all. Again, comparing it to a football team, the Installer is the wide receiver or the running back. Their role is, once they get an idea into their hands, to make sure it gets implemented in the end.

  1. The Coach

Last but not least, there is a coach. This is a role that is required in any team, regardless of what its aims and aspirations are. The Coach is the supervisor and a facilitator, helping ideas to get created helping to implement those ideas. The Manager and the Installer will regularly turn to the coach to determine whether or not one of the ideas they have is feasible or not.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re talking about a school running team or a Fortune 500 business, everybody always works in teams. You must make sure, therefore, that you have the right people within your team, and that you also have clarity on the roles of each of the individuals within that team. Once people start forgetting what their role is, meddling instead with the functions of others, innovations go wrong and you will be disillusioned with the system and process as a whole.

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