The Smart Way to Choose the Equipment for Your New Restaurant

Some of the most important decisions you will make determining the success or failure of your new restaurant involves the equipment you purchase. Knowing the amount, size and quality of your restaurant supplies is key to your success in all areas of your business. Here’s why you can’t afford not to plan your restaurant equipment purchases in advance:

Space Matters

How much available space you have in your restaurant is the key to how many customers your business can hold. If your kitchen area is not arranged in a manner designed to maximize space in the most efficient manner, you will have needlessly reduced the area you have for actually selling meals to your customers. Determine in advance how many tables you need space for in order to keep an adequate cash flow, the remainder will determine how much space you have left for kitchen equipment.

Let the Menu Dictate

The next step is to determine exactly what equipment you need to buy. Will there be a salad bar? Are you serving primarily hamburgers or sushi? What you are selling will determine what you need to buy. A failure to make this determination beforehand may lead to you buying things you don’t need or running out of money before all your equipment needs have been met.

Volume Determines Size

You also need to know the precise size of the equipment you need to buy. Most restaurant equipment comes in models of various sizes, so which size you need will be based upon how much food you will need to cook to meet customer demand. Buy something too big and you will have wasted space. Get something too small and you will not be able to keep up with demand. Determine in advance which size model of restaurant equipment will do the job for you.

Know Your Codes

The codes and regulations governing restaurants are almost totally locally determined. Therefore, there can be wide variances in the type, degree and complexity of codes from one locality to the next. It’s up to you to determine in advance what those codes are and how they might have an impact on the equipment you buy. That way you cam avoid having to exchange equipment not up to code, or even worse, ending up being cited and fined for code violations.

Do It Right

Not planning sufficiently enough to ensure that you buy the right restaurant supplies is a common beginner’s mistake in the restaurant business. Having the right equipment can make the difference between ultimate success or failure. Do your homework in advance and your restaurant will start off safe from the pitfalls of poor restaurant equipment planning.

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