Understanding iSeries Data Recovery Solutions

We continue to live in tough economic times, which means that all businesses look for methods to keep the costs down. One way in which many organizations unfortunately do that, is by laying off their admin staff and cutting their training budget. However, it is incredibly rare to see businesses make cuts in there IT department. This makes sense, since IT infrastructure is critical to an organization’s success. This is also why any organisation that uses IBM computers needs to have iseries Data Recovery Solutions in place.


The Need for iSeries Data Recovery Solutions


Data recovery solutions are in place so that, if there is any kind of disaster be that natural or man-made, the downtimes suffered to the overall IT infrastructure is minimal.  Pinterest is the fact that these solutions are surprisingly affordable.  Because they also require very little human operation comma it offers a win-win solution for businesses that want to save costs. That said, there are a number of other solutions that businesses can put into place as well to keep their IT costs down.  Those include:


  • Making sure that server utilisation is increased. Servers have to be used at maximum efficiency, preferably through managed solutions. Certain pieces of equipment can often be consolidated, thereby increasing how will servers are being used as well as free up disk space and being able to expand without having to purchase new equipment.
  • Replacing servers that are old and no longer efficient. It is common to see businesses hold on to equipment for as long as possible because the upfront cost required to replace it is so high. While this may be true, it is important to look at the long-term scenario, as new machines will generally lower costs. In fact, they do so almost instantly since there will be less need for support staff, thereby freeing up more budget.
  • Ensuring the infrastructure is set in such a way that it uses power in an efficient manner. Or organisation should make sure they consider the environment and use sustainable practices. Doing so also helps to save money. A server that is efficient will use less electricity, thereby also lowering energy bills. Additionally, some particularly green models, such as those that have the Energy Store, may even come with certain tax incentives.
  • Reducing licences for virtualization. Virtual servers are very common particularly for organizations that struggle to meet their data storage requirements. However, the service all require a license and that can become very costly when multiple servers are used.  While there is certainly something to be said for storing as much as possible on the cloud and virtually, it is important that the cost of doing so is not higher than simply buying physical machines and keeping them in house.


These are just some of the solutions that can be put in place to keep costs down. If I come out on top of that, they have iseries data recovery solutions in place, almost nothing can go wrong anymore.

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