Using communications tech as a marketing tool

There is no question about it – the core marketing efforts of many business to consumer companies have shifted to mobile platforms. Ranging from advertising on a mobile website to the custom development of apps, any company that wants to reach a tech-savvy audience needs to be active on today’s most often used communications device: the mobile phone handset. This counts for companies focused on doing business with other companies too – employees are increasingly engaged with their phones, and your company can reach them there.

The number one channel – a mobile phone app

By far the most direct way to reach your customers on a mobile phone is by developing a custom app dedicated to your company. Depending on your product or service, this can be purely based on providing additional information, or it could provide some additional utility to the user in the way of entertainment – a game, for example, – or by solving some day-to-day issue.

If what your business is providing lends itself to it, an app can be an excellent way for customers to interact with you and for you to extend the usefulness of your product or service. Mobile phone apps can interact with your product or service and make it quicker and easier for your customers to use your offering, while at the same time acting as an excellent marketing tool.

Traditional phone-based marketing

One often forgotten aspect of marketing on mobile phones is the classic text message, delivered on the Short Messaging Service or SMS platform. As fewer and fewer people make use of SMS messages, the impact of sending one has in fact become greater. Companies such as Veoo provide integrated and powerful platforms that can help you target users in a way they would not necessarily expect.

Advertising on the mobile versions of websites is another key and less radical way of advertising on mobile phones. Often, a lot of marketing funds are directed to social media and custom app development, but simply advertising on websites rendered for mobile phone screens can be a surprisingly effective way of reaching out to customers.

Coordinating your mobile phone marketing campaign

The best marketing plans are ones that effectively mix several channels. Though one segment of your target market may be willing to install a custom-developed app to interact with your business, other segments may use their mobile phones in a way that mostly excludes downloading and installing apps. For the latter group, a text message or website ad would be the only way to reach them.

On the other hand, if you only rely on text messages and website advertising, you may find that a certain group of customers is frustrated by the fact that they cannot interact with your company in an easy way and may opt for a competitor’s offering if the competitor has an app available. It is for this reason that you need to develop a coordinated and comprehensive marketing plan that tackles different channels across various usage scenarios.


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