What Makes Infor Special?

Infor is an industry leader in providing custom client focused enterprise software solutions. With over 13,000 employees worldwide you may be wondering what makes Infor special? Here are some examples of makes Infor special and sets them apart from the competition.


Prior to his role at Infor, Charles Phillips was president of Oracle another highly successful big name software developer. Phillips also spent time on Wall Street honing his financial skills and before that was a captain in the United States Marine Corps. His unique leadership style which combines military style focus and an emphasis on disruptive technological innovations has created a unique climate of creativity for a company so large. Combine his leadership with a group of highly innovate professional on the executive level and you will see how great leadership makes Infor special.

Focus on Industry
Infor has a direct focus on specific industries. This allows them to address the unique challenges each industry faces by means of their custom enterprise software solutions. With a software solution for industries ranging from automotive to hospitality, a dedication to providing high-quality, industry-specific, enterprise software is part of what makes Infor special.

Helping is at the core of Infor’s values. That is why Infor and its staff are involved in a variety of charitable work. As part of the partnership with t Rugby team, the Crusaders, Infor works with the well known charity Habitat for Humanity to build houses for this in need in the Christchurch area of New Zealand. Infor also works with Habitat for Humanity on projects worldwide. Infor sponsors the UNCF (United Negro College Fund,) which focuses on helping minority students succeed at college in greater numbers. Infor is gold sponsor of the UNCF’s yearly “A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Waste” Gala event. Infor also sponsors the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light The Night Walk. This unique charity walk takes place during the night and raises money for research and treatment of Leukemia and Lymphoma cancers. Infor’s unique partnerships with this wonderful organizations is part of what makes Infor special within the business enterprise ness software marketplace.

Their Own Creative Agency
Infor has their own internal creative agency called Hook & Loop. Hook & Loop is located in New York and is home to 80 designers, developers, writers and other creatives. Infor uses this unique agency to provide the cutting edge user experiences for their enterprise software solutions as well eye catching designs. Not all companies have a separate but internal creative agency but Infor has found it provides the best of both worlds, the sole dedication of an internal team and the innovation only found at agencies. Having their own creative agency is part of what makes Infor special.

Many factors come to together to make Infor a truly unique company. Their visionary CEO Charles Phillips, focus on specific client needs, dedication to giving back, and their emphasis on the creative process all come together to make Infor one of the most unique software companies world wide.

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