What You Need to Know about Interim HR Services

If you are working in human resources management or if you are planning to enter this field, it helps getting acquainted with the idea of interim HR services. You may be dealing with this as you play your role in the human resource management industry.

What are interim HR services?

Interim HR services refer to temporary HR management resource and skill provision. In most cases, it is about HR managers or experts who serve in roles on a temporary or interim basis. Specifically, when talking about interim HR services, the subject is the HR manager, not other personnel or workers who undertake projects temporarily.

Also, there is a distinction made between a HR manager who does an interim HR management job as a stopgap measure and HR managers who do it as a career. A real interim HR manager, accordingly, is one who does it not only because of an interruption in a permanent job. A real interim manager is one who always does interim HR management jobs.

Why are interim HR services needed?

Interim HR services are needed for a number of reasons. These include the need to provide a highly specialist skill set in a team working on a special HR project. An interim HR manager may also be needed to address cases when there are disputes or crises in a company or team. Additionally, an interim HR manager may be employed to design and implement change initiatives in cases of company mergers or consolidations. Interim HR service providers may also be required to play a role in a project, team, or company that seeks to implement a new human resources system or initiative. Of course, an interim HR manager may also be hired to deal with vacancies created due to maternity or sick leave.

What to expect from interim HR managers

Career interim HR managers can be experienced in general or specific HR management areas. What’s mainly important is that they have the experience, expertise, and competence to handle a specific temporary HR management function. Usually, they need to be well-versed with the HR needs of different industries since they have to move through companies, teams, or projects every so often. They also have to be self-starters, someone capable of quickly adapting to the new environment and doing what they are supposed to do without the need for instruction or supervision.

On the other hand, it’s important for those working in the interim HR field to be prepared for ever-changing work environments. They need to have a passion for doing things on a temporary basis. Managers who seek stability, continuity, and predictability in their work environments cannot be expected to do well in an interim HR management setup.

Interim HR services do not sound familiar to many HR professionals. It’s something worth knowing, though, for HR professionals who love meeting new people, getting involved in new work environments, and dealing with different industries.


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