Why You Need a Designer from Day One of Building a new Commercial Space

When a company decides to expand to a new location, it is considered a sizeable investment that requires careful planning. One of the first steps needed is to hire professionals that will oversee the project from the ground up. Depending on the scale of the project, there should be an engineer, contractor, architect and interior designer on the team.

The interior designer is usually needed during the last phases of the project in order to add aesthetic value to the space created. This misconception of requesting the services of an interior designer at the last stage of the build should be changed. Interior designers can do so much more than select fabric swatches for upholstery and paint for the walls. Here are the reasons why an interior designer should be involved from day one.

Define the project scope

The goals of the project should be well-defined from the beginning. An interior designer should be included in the planning process because this involves creating a functional space for work. If it is a new office or retail space, an interior designer can help with advising on the appropriate design details and trends. In this part of the planning, the scope of interior design services should also be discussed. This is to ensure that work undertaken remains within the budget.

Visualisation and schematics

In this phase of the project, the interior designer will start putting ideas together and convey them through the use of renderings or drawings, mock-ups, samples of materials and budget. By this time, the interior designer should have already come up with a timeline for the completion of the project with emphasis on making sure that it is aligned with the goals of the company as well as budget restrictions.

Developing the design

The concepts that have been developed will start to take shape and will be finalised at this stage. Selected materials, fixtures, lighting and furniture would have already been approved for procurement. Renderings of the project with the help of mock-ups will help further visualize the overall outcome of the design. Using an experienced commercial design service from an expert firm helps ensure that plans come together with no complications or problems.

Documenting the construction

All professionals involved in the project should frequently meet during this stage of the project. This is the time when all plans should be submitted and approved for execution.

Administering the construction

The interior designer should also act as a project manager to ensure that the work being done is within the approved plan. The interior designer will oversee and inspect work that has been executed and document the progress.

With every phase of the project construction, an interior designer should have significant involvement. It is no longer ideal to hire a designer only when the project is about to be completed. The success of your intended commercial space has to be a complete collaboration from all the experts involved. Designers are not only limited to aspects related to aesthetics, but they are also trained to have functionality and sustainability in mind.


Image: Pixabay.com


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